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"Most pilots know Utah as an excellent place to fly. Everyone is familiar with The Point and the great sites along the Wasatch Front. Tucked away in the South Central part of the state is an area that may well be its Crowning Gem. Near Richfield there are numerous sites that have huge untapped potential. There are several high altitude launches with easy access. You could do a huge sled run in the morning, fly XC in the day, and then do an incredible glass off in the evening. I think it contains some of the most consistent flying in Utah. Cove almost always seems to work. With Edna, Monroe, Parker and others close by you have several options. The XC possibilities are what intrigue me the most. There are several obvious routes in all directions. While some of the really long distance ones would take big commitment, most follow ranges and valleys with easy retrieves. It's the perfect setup for Open Distance, Triangle or Race to Goal flying. I am very excited to see The Nationals come to Richfield. I know we'll finally see just how prime this area is. Richfield is a friendly town with all the conveniences and facilities. The organizers are experienced and have some great plans. We'll most likely see site records broken every day. I encourage all to come, even non competitors. We'll have some phenomenal flying! With good participation we'll see Richfield become the destination it really is."
- Dave Dixon: SLC, Utah -

"Well worth the drive! I love the potential you have down here for big cross-country. Great sites and some really nice launching areas."
- Ken Hudonjorgensen: SLC, Utah -


Poverty Launch Venice Launch 12 Minute Cove Launch Rainbow Ridge Launch Skaterace.com Monroe Training Hill Parker Launch Mt. Edna Launch Color Country Paragliding A. Mount Edna
B. Monroe Peak launch
C. Cove launch
D. 12 Minute
E: Venice Hill Launch
F: Rainbow Ridge Launch
G: Parker Launch
H: Monroe Training Hill
I: Poverty Launch

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A. Mount Edna is the newest highest drive up launch in Utah at over 11,700 feet!!! Great morning thermals, unbeatable view, great vert, and cross country opportunities coming from everywhere. There is a gate to the radio tower up there, so contact Stacy if you would like to try Edna out for yourself.

B. Monroe Peak launch was not only the highest launch in Utah at over 11,000 feet and more than 5000 feet vert, but also the highest drive up launch. Now it takes back seat to Mt. Edna in both categories. There is a wide open launch area and is easily reached by a high clearance 2 wheel drive.

C. Cove launch is our meat and potatoes launch (situated on Signal Peak). Open from May to November, there is a great soaring face. The descent is 3300 feet, and it is worth the trip nearly every time. With a weather station right on top, it is hard to miss.

D. 12 Minute and Hepler's. 12 Minute is a favorite launch site because of accessibility. It takes 12 minutes from downtown Richfield to the top of launch. Soarable at times, and a great mountain training site. On the same hill, but 1200 feet higher is Hepler's Launch. Takes longer to get there, but if the conditions are soarable, it is well worth it.

E: Venice Hill Launch. Entry road from back side of hill. A bit of a hike, but a year round 360 degree launch with a vert of 1000 feet.

F. Rainbow Ridge. The new kid on the block because it is strickly ATV accessible. We recently acquired a new 4-wheeler and so this site was born with the year 2017. To be used in north or north-east flow, it offers another option to the sometimes questionable conditions that come on 12 minute if the winds are too north.

G. Parker launch is the only launch not pioneered by CUASA in Sevier County. Some great ridge soaring and thermal activity are generated on this ridge system.

H. Monroe Training Hill is the staple learning site because of the quick turn around, gently increasing slope, lack of mean rocks just off launch, wide open LZ, and morning flow up the face.

I. Poverty is a 1000 foot vert hill with a drive up launch and some sweet soaring conditions during north winds. Situated at the end of the valley, it acts a lot like "The North Side" at Point of the Mountain Flight Park. We don't have the Great Salt Lake to feed the evening flow so while it might not be as consistent, it still is the funnel to all of the air flow in the valley.