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Paragliding Related Links:

United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association
This is the official site for all free flight in the United States. Creaters and distributors of USHPA magazine and official insurance policy carriers for member pilots in the US.

Utah Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association
This is the official association for the Point of the Mountain flying park and more. The Point of the Mountain is possibly the world's most famous paragliding and hang gliding site.

Two Can Fly Paragliding
The web page of Ken Hudonjorgensen with some great weather links and distribution for Gin, Ozone, Apco, Nova and more.

Utah Paragliding
Jonathan Jefferies website. We like Jonathan because he comes to fly with us. Go Team.

Cloud 9 Soaring Center Home Page. The Largest full service paragliding and instruction shop in the USA.

Paragliding Earth
Information on many of the world's great paragliding locations. View flight paths overlaying google earth and rate sites.

Nationals Competition 2009
This is the link to view the final results of the Nationals comp. where Jochen the Man placed 19th overall and kicked total trash in the sports wing class.

Traction Kiting Related Links:

Rockville All-Terrain Sports
Living on the edge of sports product development, Rockville ATS is leading the way in All-Terrain Skating, Kite Buggies, and Motorized products.

Kite Blading - The Newest Trend
Kiteblading.co.uk is the official distributor of Rockville products in England. They can also send product throughout Europe.  Kite skating is truly an up and coming market.  Learn more!

Kite Skating - Another Warrior in the Revolution
This link has some of the best forum discussion on kite skating available.  It is a definite must for learning kite Skaters / Bladers.

Kite ATB

Another awesome source for kite blading/skating. These guys have been around for a long time doing all-terrain kite boarding (ATB). Some great training advise and interviews from people with the passion.

Doom Wheels - An Extreme Skate Site
Here is an interesting site for those inclined to build their own skates.  If there is a growing interest in skates this large, we have actually done prototypes for 12" wheel skates.  You can follow the rockvilleats.com link on the top of the page to view them.

This is one type of sail that can be used for Kite Skating/Blading. From what I can tell, the market hasn't accepted a standard name to differentiate different kinds of skating with wind. Maybe this should be Skate Sailing...

A leader in the traction kiting world. These guys have done a great business in wake boarding products and have a great deal of experience to share.

Evo Odyssey
Andrew "Evo" Everingham is on a quest to become the first and the fastest man to cross the Australian continent from South to North (2860 km) powered only by the wind using a Skate wing and travelling on a pair of Rockville off-road roller blades. This is the extreme sport of Kite Skating.


All-Terrain Skate Companies
Here is a list of some other companies trying to help build the market for All-Terrain Skates. It is a little unorthadox perhaps, but each of these companies have built their products in a way they thought was best. There is no need to compare their products here, so go take a look.

Rockville All-Terrain Sports
Living on the edge of sports product development, Rockville ATS is leading the way in All-Terrain Skating, Kite Buggies, and Motorized products.

Gateskate is the developer of the Trailskate. The Trailskate's strong point is their lightweight chassis. They have a binding system for different size shoes. The Trailskate brake system stops both skates at the same time.

This company is just starting up. Their big claim to fame is being in "Around the World in 80 Days" which I thought was cool. I have not tried their skates yet.

Terrablades are the first off-road skate that emulates a ski and provides a smooth turn similar to a ski on an off-road environment.

CROSSKATE - No company website that I am aware of
This is a cross-country ski trainer. It has a heel lift, one-way wheel, front wheel steering, and built in braking mechanism.

Sites We Like:

Skaterace.com is the importer for Rockville products into the US. Very helpful people and can answer any questions you have about All-Terrain Skating.

This company has been selling roller skis for years. They are getting a new product on the market right now that is really cool. Take a look at their new Cross-Country Ski equipment.

A new cross-country ski trainer that can be used any time of the year. You don't need snow to get the best workout ever.

Wand'rin Star
Website of our friend Gary Engelman that lived on his sail boat for several years and now is training for his P2 license with Color Country Paragliding.