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"I don't think I am qualify to comment on the site. I am too far beginner to give valuable input. Anyway, what I can say is: I had the chance to fly at Monroe peak. The ride was easy but long. Just get there for the fabulous view and you are done for a long time of memories... Then flying is just magic. That was my first take-off at 11000ft and was not as hard as expected. The lift was quite easy though I guess timing (like in most cases) is prime. I was lucky enough to go at the right moment to go 1000ft above launch Will love to fly again there next year."
- Pierre-Jean Beney (France) 2010 -

"We had a wonderfull trip in the USA. Thanks to a lot of pilots. The road to Launch was OK and not too long, which is important for comps. Launch is not complicated, a nice large rig area for lots of gliders. My flight there I had a max height of 4454 mtr (14612 feet) 2 times. Though the upper winds were strong XC potential was very good. The Valley floor has a lot of usable landing fields dependant on the crops. So tasks can easily be flown with turn points in the South, North and West. Overall I think challenging tasks can be set for most conditions. Having the tasks around the valley also makes retrieve easy and possible."
- Erik Severians ( Holland) -

"At nearly 6000 feet, Monroe Peak is Utah's highest drive up vert. With 2 wheel drive access and a large clear launch area. It is especially good for cross-country because it lies on the Sevier Plateau with thermal generating potential for literally hundreds of miles. The launch has been used by Hang gliders since the mid nineties, but the old Utah site guide said that it was not suitable for paragliders. I lived in the shadow of the majesty of Monroe Peak for the first four years of my flying life before I got the courage to challenge the wisdom of the site guide. From that first early morning sledder July 14th of 2007 the number of paragliders flying Monroe Peak has grown exponentially and the stories and enthusiasm about Personal records being set and incredible flying experiences being had continue to accumulate. Now with nationals being held at Monroe Peak in July 2011 the site seems once again mostly unexplored with potential waiting to be tapped and routes needing to be pioneered."
- Stacy Whitmore (Richfield Utah) -