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Site guide and risk recommendations for Rainbow Ridge.

Launch 6428ft GPS 38.752119° N 112.126001°W LZ: 5428ft GPS 38.759738°N 112.109453°W


Rainbow Ridge is a 1000 foot vertical soaring hill located 2 miles South and West of Richfield City. To access the site you need a four wheeler ATV, or be willing to hike.

Rainbow Ridge requires a North, Northeast, or East wind, The Northeast is common in Richfield on Spring and Fall evening as the Anabatic airflow comes up the valley from Yuba Lake.

Rainbow Ridge is a P3/P4 skills only launch as the higher skills and judgement are required to safely fly here. The lay out area is 150 feet from the ridge where you launch and kiting safely over sage brush and rocks is a requisite skill. Along with understanding of wind directions and rotors as you fly around a draw and over to the soaring face which is .25 miles from the launch.

Site Features and Weather

Rainbow Ridge is almost exclusively an evening ridge soaring site. It faces the wrong directions to get any consistent thermals and morning are usually draining down the mountain so the wind is the wrong direction.

Known Accidents at Rainbow Ridge:


Land owner situation and insurance:

Rainbow Ridge launch and landing zones are on public land and are NOT insured or managed by the Central Utah Air Sports Association. CUASA. The information about using Rainbow Ridge launch and landing is provided as a free public service in order to help you fly safely and not upset the land owners and cause permission to use this site to be revoked. If you fly here you do so at your own risk and judgement. Just remember that everything you do reflects and effects all of us in the sport of free flight. If you would like advice on safely using the Rainbow Ridge site you may contact stacy@cuasa.com - jef@cuasa.com jonathan@cuasa.com

Rainbow Ridge site cautions:

1)  P3/P4 skills for launches in rugged and complex ridge soaring conditions

2) P4 and very advanced skills are required to attempt top landing,

3)  Helmets are recommended and should be worn any time you are attached to the glider.

4) Spectators should remain 50 feet away from laid out paragliders, and be aware of launching and flying pilots.

5) Mini wings and hang-gliders are not recommended at Rainbow Ridge, because of the higher landing speed and the rugged terrain.

6) There is a huge power line near the landing zone, be aware of it and avoid it

7) Do not fly in rotor zones behind the ridge or to the South and West of launch

8) Katabatic wind influence is possible late evening, be aware of changing airflow as the sun sets - winds will usually shift from NE to N to NW.

9) This is rugged country and requires you to be on top of your game. Avoid launching if you have any doubts about your ability to handle the flying situations that may occur.

10) Avoid launching in stronger conditions. You don’t want to be dragged around this rocky hill top.