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Directions to WahWah Hardpan (and Sevier Dry Lake)    Click on thumbnails to see pictures 

Cove FortA:

Black Rock SignB:

Sevier LakeC:

Wah Wah MountainsD:

Wah Wah HardpanE:

A. Coming from either direction on I-15, take the Cove Fort Exit #135.
B. After exiting the I-15 freeway, head west away from Cove Fort. After you are on the dirt road heading west, you are going to see a sign that reads, "Black Rock 24".
C. Just stay on that dirt road - past Utah Hwy 257, and past Black Rock about 5 miles - until you come to Sevier Lake.
D. Pass the south end of Seveir Dry Lake (or stop and play) about 1 mile. There will be a sign that points to Wah Wah Ranch and Wah Wah well. Turn South and drive until you see Wah Wah Hardpan (about 4 miles). The Wah Wah mountains will be off to the West.
E. Once you arrive at Wah Wah Hardpan, there are a few tips. There are three sections to the hardpan. The north most section is kind of small (only about 3 sq. miles of really good stuff). The middle section and south section are larger and smoother. If you go toward the silo at the north end, there will be a fence just before you reach the silo. Turn and follow that fence (not on the silo side) out to the hardpan.

Some pictures at Wah Wah.