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Photo Gallery of our 2008 and 2007 flying seasons:
The pictures are worth a whole lot of words, but the words are important too. Take a minute to read the 'Reflections of Summer 2008' to get some of the highlights and a recap of the amazingness.

Please submit any photos you would like to see on this page to jef@cuasa.com
We have some pilots with their own photo galleries that have posted pictures of their adventures with us.

Taggi from Switzerland

Chris Iezzoni Gallery 1
Chris Iezzoni Gallery 2

Neil McGarry from Park City

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How do you even pretend to describe this picture of Cove Peak? Taken on Poineer Day.

Stacy preparing for an evening sled ride off Venice.

Is this a picture of a mountain or a paraglider? Dennis is soaring above the peak of Cove.

What a view off of Powell Point. This was the first stop on the summer traveling tour.

Looking down on Powell Point.
What a view!

Dave caught a few pictures of natures grafitti. Some have suggested the rock form the word sucker.

There was some advenure involved in pioneering Powell Point. Check out the tree behind Jochen.

When Jochen prepared for launch, he was way down the hill from Stacy

It didn't end up that way. In fact, his wing hit the tree in the background and he had a narrow escape.

After Powell Point; Stacy Dave and Jochen headed to Mount Edna for site pioneering.

Edna has turned out to be an awesome launch site. Here is Stacy launching off Edna during the Central Utah mountain flying clinic.

The view from Mount Edna is truely amazing. Marysvale is the town way down in the valley.

There is no mistaking the yoddleing vetrinatian of the Alps. Jochen pioneering Mt. Edna.

After Mt. Edna, it was off to Nebo. Higher and higher go the launches. Nebo was the highest launch in Utah for two weeks.

Jochen is enjoying the ride down from Mt. Nebo. The first attempt of the year had too much snow.

You have heard of being biwingual? Well, check this biwing out!

This is the field where the town of Monroe celebrates pioneer day. Eight of us pilots flew over the celebration for an exibition.

This is looking down on Cove launch. There are four pilots soaring the ridge.

Yet another amazing day on Cove. Now there are eleven pilots in the Cove Club.

Here is a view of Mt. Edna from 17,000 feet.

Julie doing tandum on the 24th of July

Chris launching off Edna during the Central Utah Thermaling Clinic.

This is the view after all obstacles are far behind and you glance back toward Mt. Edna.

Ken showing us how it is done in the LZ of Mt. Edna during 08 clinic.

Submitted by Neil. You can see the towers on Mt. Edna and some other peaks in the distance.

Special thanks to Dave Dixon for gathering a crew of pilots for a week in September. It gave us a big boost for flying Central Utah. We also had some Hang pilots come.

Wow! is all there is to say about a night like this above Cove. Moon out, paraglider soaking it up.

This little beauty of a picture was from a motored aircraft above Kansas and Missouri
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Jochen, Thane, and Fio in the Cove LZ at the 2007 Central Utah Mountain Flying Clinic.

Stacy pioneering the Beaver 'B' Launch. Not a good beginner launch.

Monroe Peak during the 2007 Central Utah Mountain Flying Clinic

Greg, Carl, and a third pilot heading into a thermal off of Monroe Peak during the 2007 Clinic.

Stacy giving instruction on 12 minute launch during 2007 Mountain Flying Clinic

Tyson flying off Cove South launch. Directly below him is the Monroe training hill and the LZ for Monroe Peak.
Hey Dave, look out for that rock! This is a first time launch site on Fishlake Hightop Plateau.

Stacy (red) and Dave (blue) laying out wings - preparing to pioneer the Fishlake Hightop Plateau launch.

Jef launching off 12 Minute for a pre-frontal sled ride.

Fio showing how it's done at the Flying Clinic.

Mystery flyer off Monroe launch during 2007 mountain flying clinic.

Carl made his mother nervous on this launch. Special thanks for her help driving.

I believe this is Barrett, but I need a confirmation of that.

Beautiful morning sled ride off Cove.

Dave doing textbook launch with Stacy soaring the cab.