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Welcome to the 2009-2010 Gallery

2009: Taggi from Switzerland spent 12 days with us- we visited 15 sites and had flights at 13 of them, We flew for over an hour at 9 of the sites. Taggi set two site distance records, 36 miles from Honeymoon, and 20 miles from Gold Gulch, He joined the cove club, took hundreds of  pictures and made good friends during his visit. A record of his  visit in pictures and flight logs can be found at

2010: What an unbelievable fly in for the 24th of July celebration! Darius recorded a few
Darius' Gallery

2010: We were pleased to have Paul and Susan visit for some great flying and look forward to having them fly with us again.
Here is a link to some of the great snap shots they took while they were here.
Paul and Susan Gallery

To submit any photos, please e-mail jef@cuasa.com

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This picture catches a nice glimpse of Venus next to the moon. Go Stacy.

Thanks Thayne for sending some photos. This is over Marysvale and Thayne did finally land.....I think

This is a story that must be told. 2009 - The first winter of the SPV. 2010 version - bottom of page.

Stacy off Abajo

Parawaiting on Abajo- Stacy and Jochen front, Dave & Adam behind, Mark below.

A nice airborne shot off Abajo

Stacy off of Cove South, go ahead and run anytime now...

A little fun walking over a closed uranium mine. Gary lost his glasses down the hole! Sorry.

Jef's flight off Uranium

This row has a couple of pictures from Darius' gallery (link above).

The 24th of July USHPA Sanctioned Fly-In. More than 20 pilots flew.

Another picture from Darius. His gallery is a must see!! This is off Edna.

Another beautiful evening flight from Cove. This is following a south launch in the next picture over.

Jeff Schneringer off Cove South.

How is the air up there? Maybe we need a magic wand (Huskavarna) to help with those trees on South Launch.

Why is this Dave turning into the hill?
Is that an optical illusion?

Oh, I guess he really isn't that close to the hill.......

Unreal isn't it! That hill must be half a mile away!!!

Paul and Stacy soaring a little from Elsinore launch.

Stacy helping Paul launch Cove after a diligent snow shoeing to the top.

A picture perfect launch off 12 minute. It is always a pleasure to share our air.

Stacy getting a nice inflation at Poverty. This is turning into a favorite launch for our club.

Some sweet soaring action on Poverty tonight. Paul, Stacy, and Chris are making it happen.

Another nice picture of Paul after launching Elsinore.

Newest Launch site - Poverty Flats

Stacy cruisin' on little red

What a scene! Training hill to the left.

Dave's first flight off Cove this year. Is that a serpentine?

Visiting HG pilot Stacy (New England Area) and Chris L. after assisting on launch.

Hard to beat the view off Cove South launch.

This was the beginning of the SPV season. (Snow Paragliding Vehicle)

Pretty cool action shot of Snow Trax

Stacy ready to go up the mountain -
"This time we'll make it!" he says.

After a lot of thought and some real education from last years' SPV...

Tried using channel welded to chains, but found extra support was needed.

The result turned out to be really cool actually. Dug its way through the snow!

Appherently the SPV was summer averse. Coming off Cove, it decided to burn!!

Some sacrifices made to fly are greater than others and this one was top 5 at least.

Complete loss, no comprhensive coverage... at least we have pictures.