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Directions to Wah Wah Hardpan (LZ for Frisco Peak) from I-15

Coming from either direction on I-15, take the Cove Fort Exit #135.
Cove FortClick thumbnail for a picture of I-15 Exit 135 coming from the South
After exiting the I-15 freeway, head west away from Cove Fort.
After you are on the dirt road heading west, you are going to see a sign that reads, "Black Rock 24".
Black Rock SignClick thumbnail to view the Black Rock sign
Just stay on that dirt road - past Utah Hwy 257, and past Black Rock about 5 miles - until you come to Sevier Lake.
Sevier Lake
Click thumbnail to view south end of Sevier Dry Lake
Pass the south end of Seveir Dry Lake (or stop and play) about 1 mile. There will be a sign that points to Wah Wah Ranch and Wah Wah well. Turn South and drive until you see Wah Wah Hardpan (about 4 miles). The Wah Wah mountains will be off to the West.
Wah Wah MountainsClick thumbnail to view Wah Wah mountains from the hardpan
Once you arrive at Wah Wah Hardpan, there are a few tips you should know. There are three sections to the hardpan. The north most section is kind of small (only about 3 sq. miles of really good stuff). The middle section and south section are larger and smoother. If you go toward the silo at the north end, there will be a fence just before you reach the silo. Turn and follow that fence (not on the silo side) out to the hardpan and you will soon hear the wind call and you will stop and say, "This is good for me! Let's Kite!"
Wah Wah HardpanClick thumbnail to drool over the hardpan

Frisco Peak straight to the east