Upcoming Events 2017:

Pioneer Days Fly-In: July 22nd & 24th, 2017
This is our favorite local holiday event and it is a lot of fun to get some fan fair as a large crowd gathers to watch fireworks on the 24th.
Red Rocks Fall Fly In: Sept 25-30, 2017;
Thanks to all the wonderful pilots that came and made Red Rocks a big success in 2016.  You will want to check out the facebook page for videos and pictures.  Click Here for Details on the Event.
Winter Festival:  December 28th-30th, 2017;
Try out snow flying and enjoy a little air time in the brisk winter air.
"We had a wonderfull trip in the USA. Thanks to a lot of pilots.
 The road to Launch was OK and not too long, which is important for comps.
 Launch is not complicated, a nice large rig area for lots of gliders. My
 flight there I had a max height of 4454 mtr (14612 feet) 2 times. Though
 the upper winds were strong XC potential was very good. The Valley floor
 has a lot of usable landing fields dependant on the crops. So tasks can
 easily be flown with turn points in the South, North and West. Overall I
 think challenging tasks can be set for most conditions. Having the tasks
 around the valley also makes retrieve easy and possible."
 - Erik Severians ( Holland) -