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Welcome to the 2013-2014 Gallery

There were some amazing people that came to make our year special for Paragliding and Hang gliding. We really appreciate the support we had during the Fly-Ins and Nationals.

A photo link from the 2014 Red Rock Fly-In - Thanks Jonathan Large

Here are a couple of links to personal gallerys that include the 2013 Red Rock Fly-In.

John Brower's photos

Jiri's Pictures

This is a link to Terri Olsen's photo gallery from the 2014 Pioneer Day Fly-In. Thanks Terri

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Pioneer Day 2014 - Great to have some hang pilots come down for the action.

Looks a bit like a cobra on lanch. Run for your lives!

24th of July sunset soar. About twenty pilots launched and had great flights.

Para-waiting on Monroe 10. Gusty and strong...

Tamed the cobra.

Classic para-waiting during the Pioneer Day Fly-In

Stacy had a sweet flight at Brianhead ski resort.
Working to get a good relationship with management.

Looking to catch an evening flight off 12 minute, Stacy is clearing lines over the town of Glenwood.

A beautiful night off 12 minute. Always nice to catch a north-east flow in the spring.

All you can do is admire the majesty of Cove.

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Top landing at Cove with the Cab, Pharaoh's, and the Peak in the distance.

A nice shot of John Brower's Boots overlooking Skyline Drive in Sanpete county, Utah.

Beautiful off Cove. A little brown in the Autumn.

A little get together after a flight off Poverty.

Pay no attention to Bob in front...Look at the colors of the mountains (sounds like Pochahontus).

Terri Olsen took this during the Pioneer Day Fly In the 24th of July 2014. It was a beautiful sunset.

I believe this photo was taken by Bob looking off Edna during the Fall Fly-In.